About us


Dear Customers,
"Karol-Fernandez Meat" -  ("KFM") is a Bulgarian-Spanish company, founded in 1990. It follows the tradition of the famous firm - Carroll, one of the first private Bulgarian sausage manufacturing factoriesas well as the old
family run spanish company- Manuel Fernandez, whose business dates from 1922.

Why Bulgarian buyers preferred the product brand KFM?

The answer is because of:

  • Professionalism and respect for traditions in preparing recipes
  • Raw meat products and additives with very high quality
  • Effective quality control and food safety systems
  • Loyal treatment to all customers
  • Effective logistics throughout the country
  • Innovation.

KFM and traditions

In our factory, located in the heart of Pirin Macedonia (the most favourable in terms of climate region), we produce a wide range of all traditional Bulgarian meat products - cooked sausages, frankfurters, sausages, pates, hams, flat sausages, delicacies, all types of chilled and frozen cooked semi-manufactured goods, meat cuts.

Our most popular products are collected in "Classic" collection - smoked and raw-cured salamis, and raw-cured delicacies. The name of the collection suggests its philosophy - top quality meat products, based on the oldest traditions. These are the favourite products of all our customers: smoked salami "Burgas", smoked salami "Sancho", the raw-cured salamis "Lukanka"and "Sudjuk" type. Do not miss the iconic delicacies "Elena" fillet, the beef delicacy "Pastarma", the smoked and dried series "Starobulgarski".

KFM was awarded many gold medals and its a leader in the annual mastership competitions  of the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria.

KFM leader in the new standards

KFM is the company that was the first in Bulgaria to implement the most modern technological equipment for the production of ham and smoked delicacies. This enabled us to standardize the high taste of production, to extend the storage life and their  universal applications in the household. Meat products for the catering industry are united in a collection called "High Quality".


KFM - Care, control and security

In "KFM" emphasis has always been in producing quality products under conditions of strong hygiene, achieving complete nutritional product properties. The company invests huge resources in equipment and control systems. Production processes are automated in sterile rooms and equipment to ensure biological safety and durability of the product brand "KFM".

KFM and traditional Spanish products

"KFM" distributes in Bulgaria the most famous Spanish meat products. Hardly anyone doubts that, because of our Spanish relationship and long experience, we sell the best spanish products - "Hamon" and "Salchichon", known in our market.

Distribution of KFM

KFM has developed distribution network in all major Bulgarian cities. We work directlywith all the retail chains in Bulgaria - national and internationalWe have our own logistics, which helps us to be flexible and to serve customers as quickly as possible.


What is the easiest to find our products?

Look on the labels for the stick of acorns - our badge, which is the symbol of quality pork production.

Thank you for your trust in our brand and for your choice among the variety of salamis, packed the shelves of supermarkets and the numerous commercial ads.

You, our customers, are the corrective and incentive for which every day we create our little miracles.